project gallery

New construction, new tire and filler bars on custom made dryer per customer order

New gear install on kiln

Grinding on kiln trunnion

Advancing flights and lifters

New kiln section install

Kiln section prep and install

Dryer section cut out

Dryer section removed

Saddle support holding dryer

Cutting dryer section out

Installing new tire and section

New tire and shell section lift to install

Lifting shell section out

Install new tire and shell section

Adjusting runout on new shell section

Dialing in shell section

Air seal removal.

Air seal rotary ring welded back on shell.

Air Seal Rotating Section Reapirs

Air Seal Stationary Weld Repairs

Arc gouge removal of crack indication

New bull gear install

New pinion and drive base install

Crack indication prior to arc gouge and weld repair

Cutting out shell section

Trunnion grinding on kiln trunnion